Lynden Print Co.

Print Services

Ideal for smaller print jobs (5,000 copies or less) and faster turnaround and delivery.

Digital Printing

Maximum Size, Two Sides: 13” x 27”
Wide variety of paper options.
• Labels • Business Cards • Stationary • Envelopes • Postcards • Greeting Cards • Invitations • Flyers • Brochures • Calendars • Newsletters • Booklets • Smaller Posters

Large Format Inkjet
Maximum Size, One Side Only: 48” width x nearly any length Fewer paper options.
• Large Posters • Banners • Signs

Variable Data Printing (VDP)
Utilize the power of personalized one-to-one direct marketing, imprinting documents with customer names from your database or a list from a database supplier.

Commercial 6-Color Printing
Maximum Size, Two Sides: 29” x 20”
Best for larger sizes and higher quantities (5,000 copies or more), at a lower cost per page. Greater possibilities in terms of papers, special inks and finishing options like intricate die cuts, complex folds and packaging.

Works well for all jobs listed above, as well as:
• Presentation Folders • Mailers • Catalogs • Books • Magazines • Mid-size Posters

Excellent for very high quantity and multi-page publications, with the lowest cost per page.
• Newspapers • Tabloids • Advertising Flyers • Coupon Books • Directories • Newsletters
• Class Schedules • Operating and Instruction Manuals • Catalogs

BINDERY (Fastening and Finishing)
These services are available for most print jobs, on all printers and presses.
• Collating • Folding • Simple Stapling • Saddle Stitching • 3-Hole Drilling • Spiral Binding • Shrink-Wrapping • Packaging

Staff design professionals can help bring your business vision to life.
• Branding and Marketing Design • Logos